Monday, March 12, 2018



Because you blame situations and other people 
for your upsets,
and avoid taking ownership of your own feelings,

You direct your anger and criticisms
instead of taking responsibility 
and learning how to manage your emotions. 

In other words...GROW THE FUCK UP!

you awaken one morning
and every important thing you didn’t do in your life,
every broken promise to yourself and to others
stands before you, a neglected “to do” list
regret has been writing for years now.

the bell has rung
and all those things undone
are due today
at noon.

the unfinished painting,
the “someday” novel,
the adventures to foreign lands,
the song you wrote
and never played
for the woman you chose not to love,

so many dreams un-seized
arise now like ghosts,
and rocking back and forth
in a dreamlike stupor
you ponder the details
of the life you didn’t lead
and  wonder: 
“who made the very first rocking chair?”  and when, and where?

and you're still rocking back and forth
inside yourself,
haunted by the ghosts
of deeds undone,
hoping that this morning's rising sun
will lift you up and carry you high
into the blue sky of your desires,
without you having to lift a finger.

dream on…

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Does this Poem Know What It Needs?

My spirit calls me home,
Am I listening,
Will I follow?

When my soul weeps, 
tears turn to laughter,

I hold hands with myself
and my soul takes my spirit to
the dance floor as I twirl
into the wholeness of myself.

My shadows peek around corners
cautiously stealing a glimpse of light,
I reject, then provoke, then seduce and invite them
to the parts apart party,
where all the exiled aspects of myself
are welcomed with delight.

God loves a trouble maker.
He made these bodies for play, 
He likes to work with wood,
 he gave us hands.

Works of art,
Works of love, 
It is all the same thing.

Praising the Lord
Is no better
Or worse
Than cursing him.
God doesn’t care. 

He would wish for you to honor 
Your own soul and it’s hungers. 

Nurture your soul 
You feed your spirit. 

Does this poem know what it needs?

Probably not,

But this soul knows it needs 
this poem.


Friday, March 9, 2018



Confidence never comes to you,
You must go and find it.
It is hiding in your Fear.
Go get it already!

Thursday, March 8, 2018


 History is full of recurring injustices and nations change their leadership and style of governance again and again yet the same greed, dishonesty and inequalities reoccur. I am convinced  There never will be a significant change in the way we humans interact with one another and the planet until we individually change at our own core. When we begin to take orders from the center of our hearts instead of the jagged edges our fears, our brilliance will build cultures and communities and whole countries like we have only been able to dream of. Feeling connected to it all, knowing this deeply to be true, using the brilliance of our minds in service to our compassion for one another...this is the only way to change the world. From the inside out each and every one of us. What are we waiting for?