Friday, August 26, 2016



Self Abandonment

He stood so still at the tide pools,
perched on one leg like a flamingo 
disappearing, becoming a feature of the shoreline,

said the 4 year old to the librarian.
said his father. 

Animals used to come to his wide open openness 
and curiosity. 
Butterflies rested safely on his shoulders..

He wrote and illustrated stories,
his life one great imagination.

Then came the great Seducer. 

Standing in the herd,
the need for being heard. 
He imagined himself cool
and created perhaps a fool
for applause, for approval. 

He gained notoriety
and lost sobriety,
Everyone knew the him he invented
but in that inventing,
he lost himself.

We all do this.
 We trade ourselves away
for a measly back slap.
We abandon ourselves so that others won’t. 
We go missing..

Then a moment comes..

a quiet clarity
and we remember 
when everything in and on the 
great blue ball glistened and beckoned us. 

Everything I look at and touch in this world
becomes a part of me,
I am the size of all that i embrace. 
Perhaps it’s time to cut free from this cocoon of appearances, 
reopen to a world
infinite in possibilities and interests. 

Step out of the small constricting construction you present to the world.
Open wide, 
embrace with fascination all the world
as only the innocence 
of a child can. 

Return to the true you.

Saturday, August 20, 2016



This aged suit is threadbare and tattered,
 been scattered in more ways and places
than I can  recall.

The man in this mirror looks strange to me.
There are hairs growing on the outside of my nose
that I can only see with my readers.

My soul is still a child,
 and doesn't understand

this slow decay into formlessness.

I am tired and retired,
given plenty of time to ponder
what this life was all about, 
what this life was meant to be, 
what this life may yet reveal..

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Life is Murky

..and constantly changing.

Nothing is truly still.

Rocks crumble into soil.

Leaves rot enriching soil,
feeding and encouraging seeds
 towards sunlight.

Nothing really leaves or dies.

Everything stays
mysterious, murky and always moving.

Everything is sliding into everything.

We are not apart from anything.

We are a part of everything.

We ourselves are murky and uncertain,
frightened only
by our need to know.

We are awed and eased
and light as light
when we surrender to the embrace 
of the infinite mystery.

Friday, July 22, 2016


who is it that beats this drum?
if you think it is you then
leave this circle,
you are not ready for truth,

who is it that fills these lungs?
if you think it’s you
you do not sit in this circle,
but trapped within yourself,

that beating drum 
within your chest,
that flute played with your breath…

gifts, all gifts..

the drum, the flute, this breath
now this breath too, 
gifts, all gifts,
 each present moment.

who is it that gives you these gifts? 
if you do not know, 
find out!

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Burn up until nothing of you is left
but ash.

From an ancient gnarled oak,
roots deep into ground,
our limbs conspire and contort to reach the sun
and stretching beyond that familiar inviting light
 we speed and swirl past planets, suns and moons, 
flinging them out of our way
 we spiral outward, ever further-
faster then the speed of light.

it’s true!
we are past light
racing into nothing known,
an unseen endless void,
a deep drop into nothingness,
 die into nothingness, 
into silent emptiness.

This is the source of everything!

Friday, July 8, 2016



Remember when anything was possible?

Sure you do..

You were a kid,
we were all kids then,
Trusting, innocent, believing we could fly..

just before the ether took me to Neverland
where my tonsils were removed,
Tinker Bell was dying from the poison she drank
to save Peters life.

Peter pleaded, 
“If you believe in fairies clap you hands”.
And I clapped and I cried and I clapped some more,
Hoping that everyone everywhere would join in clapping
So Tinker Bell would live. 

And she did. 

Many of us must have clapped
to save Tinker Bell, 
to save innocence, 
to keep free our imaginations,
our hope.

Take just a moment now…

Think back to that time so long ago. 
Do you remember?

Were you clapping then?

Are you clapping still?

Can you imagine a world better than the one 
we have created for ourselves
here and now?