Sunday, May 20, 2018


                                  LOSING THE LIGHT
I haven’t said a wise word 
or written a fine line,
in a long time.

I am falling from light,
falling from that great height
into an abyss of uncertainty,
fear and self recrimination.

I keep dusting off old medals 
to reduce the amount of shame I feel,
to remind myself that at times I shine,

It encourages me, when I’m lost on the edge 
of my own darkness,
afraid to negotiate the journey
down yet another unknown road.

afraid of discomfort,
afraid of control,
afraid to let go.

I cling to the edge of faith,
defying authority,
resisting humility,
admitting my neediness
I reach out for another’s holy hand.

 Afraid to lose my self
and yet, 
afraid to find myself
I make excuses
to continue playing safe and small.

Admitting this here
is a step through the fear.
I want to live from largeness,
I want to live in and from light,
no longer hiding in shadows 
of my own making.

This world is dark with secrets,
I choose to tell my truth,

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Looking Good

The Guest doesn’t care what time you think it is, 
or if you are asleep,
and believe you need your rest, 
because you have to work tomorrow.

Work at what?

The guest knows exactly what time it is; 
it is time to wake up 
to the one thing you need to know
which is, 
who you really are-

Dark parts: 
enemies were sent to teach you
how to embrace the unlovable
shadows of your self.

Become whole.

The peace you make with your self
will change this troubled world
into a playground of delight.

What we look like to the world means nothing.

What the world looks like to us
is all that matters..

Friday, May 18, 2018


for the elusive truth
That lies hidden
At the center of all the lies:
It was here all along,
I was here all along, 
Like an old forgotten song
Every word remembered,
Returning me to joy.
My joy sings
“I AM”.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


The sweet soft breath of your lover
envelopes your aching body
gently wrapping you in a cloud of comfort.

Your spirit joins a vast and infinite sky

Why ever leave this bed of contentment
for the uncertain winds 
of the outer world,

Stay instead
in the cozy confines 
of love’s afterglow a while longer…


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Like a River Rock

Have faith,
be patient like the rock, 
feel life rush through and around you,
Gushing streams of grief
 will wear away your jaggedness,
and smooth you like a river stone,
wash away your madness,

Have trust,
be uncertain like a river
and meander to the sea,
that route of least resistance
will speed your emptiness to me,

Have strength,
Use courage like a fist
to break thru what would hold you back,
Persevere and friends will support you
with the love you think you lack,

when all else fails,
and be lifted from your knees 
by light and loving breezes
that will carry you to me.