Saturday, July 21, 2018



Creator bathed the barren earth with light
And watered it with love,
Rivers and ponds, streams and lakes,
  oceans of love.

Love flowing unseen and underground
In springs waiting to reveal themselves.

Waterfalls of love cascading down from cliffs
And exploding into frothy pools of
healing love, cooling love, soothing love,
warming love, salty love, quenching love.

Love weeps, love bleeds,
It courses through our veins;
little rivers running thru us.

And all there was and all there is 
is water, water everywhere.

Water within us, 
Water without us.
Sky water, ground water,
Ice water, sweet water, 
Salt water, deep water.

We were born into water,
Nourished and secured by it. 

Love flows like water, 
It grows like water, 
It knows like water, 
And like water, 

Love renews itself again and again.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


In 1969 there was a bumper sticker going around that said,
 “Never trust anyone over 30”.
I understood it perfectly,
I was twenty.

I didn’t think that I’d ever have to worry about becoming  one of 
 Not the way I was living my life those days..


High school over,
College disappointing, 
Dreams of adventuring the country 
on the back of a motorcycle with my best buddy
up in smoke,
and drowned in downers. 

He found heroin and a shy quiet southern girl
with dark eyes and hair and sad secrets kept to herself.

I found more smoke and dope
and beautiful young women with whom I slipped lustfully
into love with 
in the wee hours of darkened bars.
Morning sunlight washed away the desperate lonely night
as I crept away lonely time and time again.

I had lost my heart
but didn’t know it. 
That love center went
out of business with the last betrayal. 

like Ol’ Man River
kept rollin, rolling along.

Mourning my life and abandoned dreams 
of what might have been, 
I awoke one morning 
and discovered I was thirty.
And the next morning I was thirty-five.

Rebelling against authority
ever since my original trust in life 
was beaten out of me by events and people 
beyond my control,
I discovered I no longer trusted
my self. 

This morning
after so many years 
of searching for my lost joy
in all the wrong places outside myself,
I find it hard to keep going.
At this age of 69 I think
perhaps I have outlived my life
by more than twice the age of trust.

Everything important seems to be behind me:
the marriage,
the children,
the career, 
the music and art, 
the book still not written..

The coffee still tastes wonderful as always
but it no longer lifts my spirit or enthuses me.


instead I sit writing these words,
then reading the words others have written,
waiting for my back and neck and shoulders and knees to loosen
so I can move less painfully,
so I can get just a glimpse of the powerful young body
I relied on so well
before the wrecking ball of time
knocked me off my feet 
and over the line between thirty-five and sixty-nine. 

I had cataract surgery last year.
I finally got those hearings aids.
My ears are artificially young again.

Maybe there is something can be done 
for the big arthritic toe that groans,
along with my sciatica  
as I take my daily walk 
careful of that knee.

This body has become a tattered old suit
that will rot back into soil
feeding worms and trees.

Some days,
the end is something 
I even look forward to.

Monday, July 9, 2018



In the quiet darkness just before dawn
before even birds begin singing,
all that can be heard
is the silent prayer of longing
to be lifted close enough
to Gods mouth to clearly hear
what he is always saying,

I love you, I love you, I love you”.

Sunday, July 8, 2018



The air begins to crackle 
with the rising heat,
Like animals fleeing an oncoming Tsunami
the little ones sense it first.

There is nothing they can do but
Tremble inside as they attempt
To divert the attention to themselves.

They try desperately to be funny,
cute, clever or needy.
Failing that they may be bad while knowing
You will forgive them
Before you ever forgive each other.

Putting his big, bright, frightened face
Between his mother and me he suggests,
“Give in,” says the brother,

From the mouths of babes,
From the hearts of babes,
Issues God’s best advice.

Monday, July 2, 2018



 The emptiness within me
Is me, missing my own presence
while I am off on this endless
 wild goose chase for wholeness.

 God is apparent.

Time and again
sacred flowers bloom 
around and within me.
I close my eyes,
I smell the fragrance 
of my own